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Analysis of the Semileptonic Decay D^0 -> \bar K^0 \pi^- \mu^+ \nu

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Ilaria Segoni
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Ilaria Segoni
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25 Aug 2004, 17:02
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09 Dec 2004, 17:07
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03 Feb 2005, 16:30
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23 Aug 2005, 16:29
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Using data collected by the fixed target Fermilab experiment FOCUS,
we present several first measurements for the semileptonic decay
$D^0 \rightarrow \overline{K^0}\pi^-\mu^+\nu_\mu$. Using a model that includes
a $\overline {K^0} \pi^-$ S--wave component, we measure the form factors ratios to
$R_V=1.733\pm0.607~({\rm stat})\pm 0.350~({\rm sys})$
$R_2=0.890\pm0.339~({\rm stat})\pm 0.155~({\rm sys})$
and the S-wave parameters (amplitude and phase) to be
$A=0.310\pm0.182~({\rm stat})\pm 0.047~({\rm sys})~{\rm GeV}^{-1}$
$\delta=1.09\pm0.70~({\rm stat})\pm 0.22~({\rm sys})~{\rm rad}$.
Finally, we measure the vector semileptonic branching ratio
$\frac{\Gamma(D^0 \rightarrow K^{*-}(892)\mu^+\nu)}{\Gamma(D^0 \rightarrow \overline{K^0}\pi^-\pi^+)}=
0.345\pm 0.034~({\rm stat})\pm 0.007~({\rm sys})$.
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form factor ratios
Journal References:
Published in Phys. Lett. B vol. 607 pg. 67.
Published in hep-ex/0410067.
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