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These documents on Semileptonic decays (subtopic of Charm) are available:
Showing documents with topic Semileptonic decays on the most recent version. See documents with Semileptonics on any version.

FOCUS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
887-v1 Hadronic Mass Spectrum Analysis of D+ -> K- pi+ mu+ nu Decay and Measurement of the K*0(892) Mass and Width The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
12 May 2006
866-v12 New Measurement of the BR(D+->rho mu nu)/BR(D+->K* mu nu) Branching Ratio The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
11 May 2006
789-v3 Pseudoscalar Semileptonic Decays of the D0 Meson Lorenzo Agostino Semileptonics
17 May 2005
790-v1 Analysis of the Semileptonic Decay $D^0 \rightarrow \overline{K}\,\!^0 \pi^-\mu^+\nu$ Ilaria Segoni Semileptonics
17 May 2005
817-v4 Measurements of q^2 dependece of D0 -> K mu nu and pi mu nu Doris Kim Semileptonics
29 Apr 2005
724-v19 Measurements of the \qsq{} dependence of the \kmunudk{} and \pimunudk{} form factors The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
10 Feb 2005
750-v27 Analysis of the Semileptonic Decay D^0 -> \bar K^0 \pi^- \mu^+ \nu The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
03 Feb 2005
767-v2 Measurement of the branching ratio of the decay D^0\rightarrow \pi^-\mu^+\nu relative to D^0\rightarrow K^-\mu^+\nu The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
04 Nov 2004
771-v2 DPF2004 Proceedings for the analysis of D0 -> K0bar pi- mu+ nu Ilaria Segoni Semileptonics
01 Nov 2004
763-v2 f+(q^2) Correlation Matrix Lorenzo Agostino et al. General
16 Oct 2004
728-v2 Measurement of the ratio of the vector to pseudoscalar charm semileptonic decay rate gamma(D+ ---> anti-K*0 mu+ nu) / gamma(D+ ---> anti-K0 mu+ nu) The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
23 Sep 2004
754-v1 Analysis of the semileptonic decay D^0 -> \bar K^0 \pi^- \mu^+ \nu Ilaria Segoni Semileptonics
03 Sep 2004
745-v1 Charm Semileptonic Decays in the FOCUS Experiment Eduardo Luiggi Semileptonics
20 Aug 2004
743-v1 Semileptonic Charm Decays and QCD Doris Kim Semileptonics
13 Aug 2004
714-v1 Review of Charm Semileptonic Decays Jim Wiss Semileptonics
21 Jul 2004
8-v1 New Measurements of the \phimndk{} Form Factor Ratios The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
29 Apr 2004
843-v1 Mass Spectrum Analysis of K-Pi+ from the semileptonic decay D+ -> K- Pi+ mu+nu Andre Massafferri Semileptonics
31 Mar 2004
471-v1 New charm results from FOCUS Stefano Bianco Dalitz analysis
Excited states
26 Mar 2004
472-v1 Hot topics in charm physics Stefano Bianco CP Violation
Dalitz analysis
Excited states
26 Mar 2004
841-v1 A Search for D0-D-bar Mixing in Semileptonic Decays from FOCUS Michael Hosack Mixing
31 Dec 2002
9-v1 New Measurements of the D+ to K*mn Form Factor Ratios The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
19 Sep 2002
876-v1 New Measurements of the D+ to K*mn/K2pi and Ds to phimn/phipi Branching Ratios The FOCUS Collaboration Semileptonics
15 Aug 2002
837-v1 Studies of the Semileptonic Decays of D Mesons Christopher Cawlfield Semileptonics
19 Oct 2001

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