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These documents on Charmed baryons (subtopic of Charm) are available:
Showing documents with topic Charmed baryons on the most recent version. See documents with Baryons on any version.

FOCUS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
807-v23 Study of Lambda_c Cabibbo favored decays containing a Lambda baryon in the final state The FOCUS Collaboration Baryons
12 May 2006
888-v2 Genetic Programming Search for DCSD Decays Eric Vaandering Baryons
Cabibbo suppressed
Analysis methods
25 Oct 2005
829-v11 Search for Lambda_c -> p K+ pi- and D_s -> K+ K+ pi- Using Genetic Programming Event Selection The FOCUS Collaboration Baryons
Cabibbo suppressed
Analysis methods
03 Sep 2005
832-v1 Measurements of Sigma_c parameters Eric Vaandering Baryons
28 May 2005
746-v2 FOCUS search for pentaquarks and double charm baryons Kevin Stenson General
02 Sep 2004
879-v1 Measurements of $\Xi_c^{+}$ Branching Ratios The FOCUS Collaboration Baryons
09 Oct 2003
838-v1 Lifetime Measurement of the Charmed Strange Baryon Cascade-c+ Eduardo Ramirez Lifetimes
02 May 2002
744-v1 A high statistics measurement of the Lambda_c^+ lifetime The FOCUS Collaboration Lifetimes
22 Apr 2002
741-v1 Measurement of natural widths of Sigma_c^0 and Sigma_c^++ baryons The FOCUS Collaboration Baryons
08 Nov 2001
738-v1 Measurement of the relative branching ratio BR(Xi_c^+ -> p K- pi+)/BR(Xi_c^+ -> Xi^- pi+ pi+) The FOCUS Collaboration Baryons
19 Jul 2001
733-v1 Measurements of the Sigma_c^0 and Sigma_c^{++} mass splittings The FOCUS Collaboration Baryons
08 May 2000

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