Identify Resources for DocDB

Disk space is needed for the mysql database, DocDB (both cgi and html), and the documents themselves. The DocDB scripts require about 3 MB. At this time, the BTeV document database contains 2500+ documents and uses about 5 MB for the database and 11 GB for the document directory tree.

One possible file configuration is:

cgi scripts /www/cgi-bin/private/DocDB
MySQL database /local/mysql
document location /www/html/DocDB
html pages appropriately placed under /www/html/...

The public DocDB directory contains links to selected cgi scripts in the private DocDB directory.

Note that the MySQL database is accessed by the cgi scripts but should not live under any web accessable directory.

The web server process must be able to write into the document location directory (e.g., /www/html/DocDB) and this directory must be web viewable.

If you want to use the more secure certificate method of granting access, you will need to configure and run DocDB under an SSL server. You will also need to place DocDB into an area that requires a client-side certificate for access. For a primer on setting up Apache in this way, see xxxxx. You will also need a way to supply each user with a certificate signed by a CA (Certficate Authority) you trust.

You should create a document database account to own the the DocDB cgi scripts, and the DocDB html files.

You will need an account to own the MySQL database. This can be the document database account. This mysql account will be used to start the MySQL daemon. We strongly recommend that the mysql account not be named "mysql".

Make sure you have a machine that will support MySQL.

The MySQL database can run on any machine. It does not need to reside on the same machine as the web server.

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