Migrating from DocDB v6 to v7

  1. DocDB 7.x requires shared-mime-info and a few more perl modules
  2. Backup your database
    mysqldump MYDOCDB -u database-admin -p > MYDOCDB-date
  3. Check out the new stable distribution in a fresh area
  4. Copy MigrateV7 into an area where you can run version 6 scripts. The cgi-bin will work, but make sure you delete MigrateV7 after you update to prevent MigrateV7 from being run from the web.
  5. MigrateV7 --u=database-admin --p=your-password --a=init
  6. MigrateV7 --u=database-admin --p=your-password --a=migrate
  7. Verify that DocDB is working with the v7 cgi scripts
  8. Edit your Project*.pm files as necessary. The templates have changed.
  9. MigrateV7 --u=database-admin --p=your-password --a=delete
  10. Go to your html/Static directory and do cvs update -d -r stable This will create and update a bunch of CSS files as well as create a new "js" directory where Javascript files are stored.
  11. Edit your site specific CSS files if needed. (There is a new shaded element "tbody.Odd" that will be grey by default.)
  12. Make sure you are using the new v7 cgi scripts by default.
  13. Copy PublicInstall.csh into your public cgi area and execute it. Some of the linked scripts have changed.
  14. You may need to edit your public ProjectGlobals.pm

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