Installing DocDB

These instructions assume that you have a working knowledge of unix and the apache web server.

  1. DocDB is available under the terms of the GNU Public License
  2. how DocDB works
    DocDB maintains a versioned list of documents in a MySQL database. Information maintained in the database includes, author(s), title, topic(s), document date, revision number, abstract, keywords, document type, pointers to the actual document files, and access restriction information.
    Access to DocDB is controlled by cgi scripts that run on your web server.
    When a document is submitted to DocDB, the document is copied (from either local disk or an html address) to a directory located on the web server. Documents may be composed of several files.
    Please see BTeV-doc-140 for a complete description of DocDB.
  3. identify resources
  4. security considerations
  5. install MySQL and start mysqld
  6. get DocDB
    DocDB is released often and .tar or .zip files are not usually made. The best way to get DocDB is to check out the latest stable version from the CVS repository into a special account for the document database. Set the environment variable CVSROOT to (No password or cvs login is required. Only DocDB is available in this repository.)
    Check out DocDB with the command cvs co -r stable DocDB.
    We strongly recommend that you checkout the 'stable' release The head of the repository is unstable and likely to cause disfunction. Other branches of the code are used only for development purposes.
    Updates can be performed with the command cvs update while in the same directory.
    If you cannot get the software via CVS, a downloadable recent release is usually available from our SourceForge file area.
  7. create a MySQL DocDB database
  8. customize DocDB
  9. test DocDB
    At this point DocDB should be ready to test. We recommend maintaining a test database separate from the official database so that you can add dummy documents and test database options.
  10. Common Problems
  11. Migrating from v6 to v7
  12. Send questions to

DocDB License