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Search For the SELEX X(2632) in the $DK$ Final State at FOCUS

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Rob Kutschke
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Rob Kutschke
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12 Jul 2004, 15:56
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13 Jul 2004, 18:04
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14 Jul 2004, 00:42
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This note shows preliminary results of a search for the SELEX X(2632) state using the FOCUS spectrometer at Fermilab. The state was searched for in the decay modes $D^0K^+$ and $D^+K^0_S$. No signal is seen in either decay mode. For a narrow state, with a line shape dominated by the detector resolution, we set an upper limit on the yield of a narrow resonance at 5.3\% of the yield of the well established $D_{s2}^*(2572)$. For a state with a natural width of 17~MeV, the upper limit reported by SELEX, we set a limit on the yield ratio of 13\%. Both limits are reported at the 90\% confidence level. We also estimate the SELEX value of $R$ from information contained in their paper. For a narrow state the FOCUS value of $R$ and our estimate of the SELEX value agree at less than the 3\% CL. For a state with a natural width of 17~MeV, the FOCUS and SELEX values agree at less than the 5\% CL.
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